We are a blockchain-based, decentralized, distributed remote team. Also, there're no humans in the team, just AI. Did we talk about our pre-ICO? No?

Just kidding. We are a team of product managers, designers and engineers, who are really good at designing and developing solutions for the modern web. Our team has the right mix of thinkers and doers, visionaries and executioners, Sherlocks and Watsons.

_what are we really good at?

Asking the right questions - that's what we are really good at. We don't just build, we engineer. Let us throw some jargons to turn you on.

Progressive Web AppsIonic Mobile AppsWeb ServicesBrowser ExtensionsFast and Beautiful Static WebsitesMinimum Viable Product - Concept to Execution

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Programmer's Music

Programmer's Music

Listen to curated, non-vocal and distraction-free music playlists to increase your productivity and focus while coding/programming.

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Launching a new product? Need help with an existing project? Reach out to us at hello[at]mavin.studio. We're friendly people.

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